Children are ready for a world full of cultural diversity and respect educators who affirm cultural awareness.  Whether our primary culture is practiced in our school or not we know that culture defines us and gives us a way of behaving and a set of preferences that help us identify and define ourselves, our family and our heritage.
Our enrichment programs immersively take students to other cultures (or to their own in some cases) using:

  • historically accurate,
  • culturally based
  • dance and drum programs. 

Students play the rhythms and do the dances of other (or their own) cultures and gain better awareness of the world, of history and of themselves.

These are immersive programs that allow students the opportunity to experience culture through rhythm and dance.  Programs can be one day long or last up to twelve weeks (meeting once or twice a week).  These experiential opportunities may include preparing a performance for an audience.  African drumming, Latin drumming, African dance or Latin dance may be the foundation of any program with mixtures of each.  Educators report that different, surprisingly engaged and inquisitive aspect of student personalities surface  during these enrichment programs.

Enrichment Topics (And, we can be creative with you and do a new one as well):
  • Recognizing Diversity Within (even kids within a familty are different)
  • Recognizing Diversity Without (Cultures and peoples are different)
  • Celebrating Diversity (What we all share is a uniqueness that gives us presence and value)
  • African Dance (Names, county of origin and meaning)
  • African Drum (Instruments, roles and responsibilities)
  • Latin Dance (Names, country of origin and context)
  • Latin Drum (Instruments, roles and responsibilities)
  • Demonstration and Performance
  • Demonstration and Performance with Student Participation


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